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“ Living Naturally ”
“ Living one’s own life ”

We aim to realize a “Symbiotic / Inclusive Society” where people with intellectual disabilities can live “naturally,” and be provided with welfare services.
There are various degrees of disability, but we support their everyday life so that each one can “live naturally, and live one’s own life”

There are “Lucina-Udatsu” in Mima city , Tokushima Prefecture.Tokushima is a nice place with lots of nature.
If you live in highly urbanized cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, you need to shoulder a high living expenses including rent.
But living expenses in Tokushima Prefecture is cheaper than that of cities.


  • Nishiawa-Hanabi

    Many fireworks events in summer ! Let‘s cry “ Ta・ma・ya !! “

  • Udatsu no Machinami

    You can experience the history and culture of old Japan through these old-fashioned houses and structures.

  • Awa-Odori

    In summer, you can watch the Awa Odori, one of the most spectacular events being held in Tokushima♪

We provide specialized life support and medical care to realize the life that every user wants.
As a base of welfare closely linked to the community, we set “ live ones own life ” as a symbol of our idea, and we make ourselves in the position of the client / user, we create “ smile ”, “ trust ” and “ happiness ”and provide appropriate welfare services.

  • Main type of user person with intellectual disabilities
  • Main user care level More than severe level
  • Number of residents 40 people
  • Number of care staff 38 people

Welfare service for person with disabilities

  • Support for residents in facilities
  • Life nursing care
  • Short stay(Short-term admission)

Community life Support

  • Temporary support during the day
  • Farming

  • Meal support

  • Snoezelen

  • Living support

Job description

General life support for users in facilities

  • Support of bathing, having meal, excretion and body movement.
  • Support of activities such as artificial flower making, gardening and cleaning.
  • Support for driving, walking, swimming activities, etc

Working shift(Break time)

  • Day 8:30 ~ 17:15 (45 min)
  • Early 7:00 ~ 15:45 (45 min)
  • Late 12:30 ~ 21:15 (45 min)
  • Night 16:00 ~ Next day 9:00 (60 min)
  • Artificial flower

  • Swimming

  • Gardening

  • Bathing support

Contents of training

For qualification license as a care worker

Main subject for National Examination

  • ● Support for written examination
    There are specific time for self-study during working hours
  • ● Support for practical examination
    ・ Instructions will be given during daily support works
    ・ You can attend a care skills course for you to be exempted from taking practical

※ Support for Japanese language study

You can get a Japanese language support in the facilities.

※ Support for Promoting adaptation to the workplace & Acquisition of Japanese lifestyle

You will be given the chances such as interactions with the community, participation in social gatherings, etc.

  • Emergency training

  • Care technology

  • Learning support

  • Regional exchange

Others (to be achieved depending on the record of previous year work)


  • Monthly salary 193,200 yen ~
  • Qualification allowance 3,000 yen / month
    (After acquiring qualification as a care worker)
  • Night shift allowance 7,000 yen / Once
  • Others (to be achieved depending on the record of previous year work)
  • Commuting allowance(in case of commuting more than 2 km distance)& Housing allowance etc. (Comply with salary rules)
  • Bonus:Twice a year(Pay month: June & December / total of 4 months)
  • Salary raise:Once a year
  • Working condition improvement allowance:Once a year(Pay month:March / 106,700 yen)

Holiday & Insurance

  • Holiday Two days off / 1 week(Depending work shift)
    (winter vacation for 12/29~1/3)Number of holidays per year:About 105 days
  • Paid holiday Joining year:15 days per year 2nd year and after:20 days
  • We have childcare leave & nursing care leave system
  • Enrollment insurance Employment insurance・Health insurance・Worker’s accident insurance・Social security pension
  • Retirement payoff(Retirement pay after 4 years of service…427,370 yen)